Ferguson Self Care


Hello everyone, I’m a Ferguson protestor, and throughout my months of being on the ground, I’ve found that my comrades and I have self care needs that have gone unmet. In response, I’m currently planning a January self care event for Ferguson protestors. I intend to have therapists/counselors, massage therapists, manicurists, food, and anything else that can get this community progressing towards healing. After facing off heavily armed police officers, and dealing with the frequent hatred directed towards us from citizens that don’t support the movement, some of us struggle with PTSD, depression, etc. so I’m planning this event to help with the sustaining the health of everyone out here. In order to sustain a movement, you must sustain the people.

If you’re interested in getting involved here’s how you can help:

1. you want to volunteer your time or service? Please fill out a contact form and organizers will touch base with you about the event and how your specific task will be beneficial to protestors fighting for change. http://goo.gl/forms/zaMEXGqHQo

2. Can’t physically attend the event nor volunteer? We need funds. The money goes towards food and space reservations. Our goal is to raise at least $1000. Please send donations to our paypal at FergusonSelfCare@Gmail.com. We will send a special thank you package to those donating $50 or more, which will include a free “Ferguson Self Care” t-shirt.

3. Don’t want to use paypal? We have an Amazon Wish List for some items we will need for the event. http://amzn.com/w/3QIJ0U0CIWJ93 Please be sure orders will arrive by January 10th. We want to ensure that we will have everything ready to go for the actual event. if you feel the order won’t arrive on time feel free to use the paypal account.

4. Would you like to send your own personal gift or check? Please contact us at FergusonSelfCare@Gmail.com and we’ll provide you with an address.

5. Are you a business that wants to donate a space, food, or service? Please contact us via email. FergusonSelfCare@Gmail.com

6. here’s the “ferguson self care” tee spring campaign. All proceeds will go towards the event.  http://teespring.com/FergusonSelfCare



Written and edited by Angel Carter, December 18th. All rights reserved. No reproduction of this work, graphic designs, and t shirt designs included, is permitted without authorization. Contact angel65.tc@gmail.com for more information. © 2014 Angel Carter

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